The Adventure of a life time

One day there were two boys called Ted and Charlie. Thay were good boys but one day thay were coming home from burn primary and saw an alleyway that wasn't there before.They went home and said "can we go out" said Charlie "yes"said mum "thanks mum"said Ted.Ted and Charlie went to the alleyway and saw a stick it was a unusual stick because it was changing colour . "Charlie what kind of stick is this"said Ted "I don't know "replied Charlie there was a button that popped up from the stick "can I push it " said Charlie "I think we should"said Ted so Charlie pushed it.It exported them to another place in the world it was a jungle

"WOW"said Ted "its more than WOW its AMAZING"said Charlie. Thay went and explored the jungle and found a castle ANYBODY THERE! Shouted Ted "what you shouting for"said Charlie catching up with Ted"cool"said Charlie "Is that a castle?"said Charlie"yes"replied Ted"should we go in?"said charlie